Hiring Standards


To meet ever-changing demands, Quality Contax aggressively seeks out and recruits qualified professionals for project teams, contract, contract-to-hire, direct hire, and other resource solutions. We find those hard to find candidates, experts in their information technology field, who have been consistently recognized as top performers. Our commitment to you includes providing quality resources to your door, separating those who stand out amongst their peers who may not be actively on the job market. Our recruiters are trained in locating those professionals that our competition may not be able to find using job boards.

Quality Contax maintains a team of qualified technical professionals who deliver a high level of proficiency and we stand ready to meet all of your short-term and long-term project development goals and resource requirements.




The factors we consider in our recruitment effort include, but are not limited to:



Technical skills

Industry experience

Compatibility with the work environment and client culture

Communication skills

Personal attributes

Project scope and duration

Time frame and budget

Work location

Exclusive representation



As an industry leader, Quality Contax takes a full-service approach to technical resource staffing and building project teams, which benefits both our clients, as well as our employees.  We customize our recruitment efforts to make an exact match of all the technical competencies needed for a successful project team or team contributor by gaining a thorough understanding of your technology requirements, your project goals, and an overall understanding of the project details including other areas or applications within the organization that this project implementation may interface with, affect or change.




Quality Contax screening process includes the following:



Customized recruitment programs

Phone Screens

Technical Qualification and Evaluation

Face-to-face interviews

Reference checks

Background checks for all contract resources / credit checks, drug tests coordinated on request

Employee performance reviews



Our commitment to you is to insure that we properly screen out the underachievers and bring you the highest quality standard that you look for in top performers.  Providing superior technical professionals ensures that we will continue to be a preferred supplier to smaller, technology advanced firms and Fortune 500 companies.



                              Thank you for your business.





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